Jaro’s “In a Nutshell” Business Biography

Jaro holds an associate professor and a project management position within the Center of Social Informatics of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social Sciences. He has worked diligently in his business life to reach the top, where few have been.

Kilimanjaro Jaro and Kilimanjaro

“The journey is the reward” – as my life has been (still is) very dynamic and heterogeneous, the proverb accompanies me throughout it. I achieved a degree in electrical engineering (BA) at the Ljubljana University, gained master’s degree in computer science in the U.S.A. and received PhD from the Faculty of Social Science at the Ljubljana University. With latter I hold an Associate Professor position within the Social Informatics Center. My professional beginnings were focused mainly on research and development of information technology and electrical engineering systems. With years of work experience I had to widen the expertise to the fields of project management and consultancy (management and entrepreneurship) for a strategic redirection and restructuring projects on behalf of multinational consulting companies. I cofounded, managed, and was a member of the board of directors of the very first private stock company in former Yugoslavia.

Later on my carrier led me to be involved also in the management of public sector as well. I have had several opportunities to lead people in different business backgrounds. I was fortunate enough to have lived, been educated, worked and gathered experiences from many different places of culture – Europe, Africa, U.S.A. and China. To these leadership issues, my different views and thinking comes also from martial arts practice and its philosophy of life and fights. Since my very early age I’m dedicated to martial arts, in last decade specifically to Chinese martial arts. “The objective is not at the end of the way—the aim is the Way itself!”

Chairman of ELES supervisory board. Member of the supervisory board of Telekom Slovenia. Head of a central government department, planning, and department budgeting. Co-founder of the company, a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors. Supervised high profile IS projects through the full lifecycle, the optimization of a production, and the introduction of an ICT accounting system. A Senior Management Consulting in the area of Strategic Restructuring of the company processes.

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