Atypical views on Leadership – 2

Posted: October 7, 2014 by Jaro in Uncategorized

Leadership By Virtue

An outstanding Leadership for cross cultural team(s)

(Continues from Atypical views on Leadership – 1)

corporate cultureAs the organization grows larger and more complex, management at the top begin to lead and decide less by firsthand experience, but more and more on heavily processed data. From their position they rarely see the business flowing in the same way as do the people down in production or on the sales floor. Four decades ago, IBM tried to unify corporate culture in its subsidiaries all over the world. Geert Hofstede carried out a world-wide survey on employee values. The result was very informative and demonstrative. There were other researchers of the same topic too. A common conclusion of all those studies is that “we are definitely different”.

Back to Adam Smith. He characterized economy as three orders in society: those who live by the rent, by their labor, and by the…

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